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About us

the Founder

the Founder

Mykah Montgomery is a published children’s book author, recording artist, public speaker, and community leader, who received a proclamation from the Honorable Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland for her child literacy advocacy and anti-bullying efforts. She is also an esteemed Jefferson Award for Public Service recipient and distinguished Alumna of the Year honoree for Saint Mary’s College of California.

As an author she understands the importance of literacy in all forms that provide access to knowledge.

Mykah Montgomery “gifted” hundreds of books to children via her Leaders are Readers Gift of Reading movement, and continues to recruit dignitaries, community leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs to participate as LARs Ambassador volunteers to support literacy at LARs flagship schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In Media

About LARs Inc.

Leaders are Readers, Inc. is a literacy program focused on reading & writing proficiency, as well as knowledge and competency in the following areas, including but not limited to: 

• Financial Literacy- The ability to use knowledge & skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.

• Technology Literacy- The ability to understand, and responsibly, appropriately, and effectively use technology tools to access, manage, evaluate, and create & communicate information. 

• Image & Etiquette Literacy – The ability to behave and dress appropriately in social settings.

• Cultural Literacy- The knowledge of one’s own culture.

• Multicultural Literacy- The knowledge and appreciation of other cultures.

• Philanthropy Literacy – Skills and knowledge that allow individuals to make informed and effective decisions with their financial resources, with a focus on “giving back” to ones’ community.

• Media & Visual Literacy- Ability to think critically about different types of media and images.

Program Staff

Mykah Montgomery

Executive Director / Program Director

Mykah Montgomery is a published author, songwriter, producer, actress, filmmaker, and public speaker.

She is the author of The Little Girl Who Wanted a Tail and Isaiah Wants to Read; books that promote a love for self and others, a love for reading, and entrepreneurship.

Mykah holds a Master’s degree in Leadership and Humanities, and a MBA in Executive Management. She is an outstanding leader with a career spanning 25+ years providing valuable strategic insight and customer care in management and senior level individual contributor roles. She is an esteemed recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public Service, and she presses forward giving her all to worthy causes that greatly impact others’ lives.

Sylvia Montgomery

Office Administrator

Sylvia is a an esteemed social graces and image and etiquette consultant.

Board of Directors

Mykah Montgomery – President

John Bishop – Treasurer

Joan Simmons – Secretary

Angela Bishop

David Montgomery

Anthony Montgomery

Raymond L Bobbitt

Barbara Worthington

Jeanine Simmons

Mylaan Gant